About Us


Nduranz was formulated by sport enthusiasts with the objective to provide quality and healthy sport nutrition specialized for unique needs of endurance athletes. Fit cyclist riding in the countryside taking a drink on a sunny day

We are dedicated to enhance our athletes with lifestyle changing brands and help them to achieve their goals faster. Our products will help you to endure higher intensity workouts, train longer, recover faster and improve the quality of your life during the day and night. Completely natural, high quality ingredients make our products safe to use on daily bases, without worrying about poisoning your body.

Our products were formulated for athletes who have intensive training regime and want to give their body the best there is. All of our products are free of artificial flavourings, artificial sweetener and colourings of any kind.

Our products are designed to help the body to become faster, more endurable, stronger, defined or bigger. All of our products are backed by various studies, each ingredient has its unique purpose to help you with achieving your goals.

As we supply many professional athletes we guarantee only DOPING FREE products. By using our products you will not have to worry for any uncomfortable consequences.

Athletes whose objective is to become the best, and who invest insane amounts of time to train, want the best there is to fuel their muscles, this is the brand for you!