Nduranz Ndure


All-natural sports hydration drink with special formulation to maximize energy delivery to working muscles, delaying fatigue, preventing cramping, speeding up recovery and improving performance.

  • It prevents dehydration and muscle cramps,
  • it prolongs time to exhaustion,
  • effectively delivers nutrients to working muscles,
  • it helps with recovery and regeneration of the body,
  • high levels of electrolytes (1040 mg per dose),
  • BCAA amino acids protects  working muscles from breaking down,
  • glutamine increases lactic threshold,
  • vitamins act as antioxidants and fighting against the harmful free radicals,
  • ALL natural and safe to use,
  • fast absorption and easy to digest,
  • delicious flavors.


  1. Optimal carbohydrate blend to maintain high energy levels and prevent exhaustion.

As we are depleting glycogen (muscle energy storage) during the workout our body suffers a great amount of stress, releasing toxic free radicals, breaking down muscles and finally reaching a point of complete exhaustion. To eliminate this harmfull efects Ndure offers us scientifically proven blend of carbohydrates to deliver the most energy to the working muscles. Glucose and Fructose are the main fuel sources used by muscles and highly recommended by sports experts and researchers to use in 2:1 ratio to reach optimal energy delivery formula that improves energy levels and performace.

  1. Electrolytes to prevent dehydration, cramping and provide optimal functioning of muscle and nerve cells.

Just water isn’t enough. Our body is losing minerals and water during a vigorous workout through sweating and breathing. In order to properly rehydrate American College of Sports and Medicine discovered the best option is to add sodium chloride, magnesium, calcium and potassium blend together to recieve the best hydration benefits. Not only that proper hydration prevents muscle cramping, fatigue, muscle weakness, dizziness, fainting, low endurance and performance, rapid heart rates and elevated body temperatures, but more importantly it enhances glucose absorption, improves muscle and nerve function, raises the amount of energy and water available to active muscles. With a mission to provide the best hydration even to most demanding athletes Ndure contains highly potent blend of all 5 electrolytes. With 1040 mg per serving this product is one of the most powerful hydration sports drinks available on the market.

  1. Amino acids BCAAs to reduce muscle break down and enhanced recovery.

Branched chained amino acids – BCAAs are building blocks for repairing, building and maintaining quality working muscles. They are essential for cardiovascular performance and many other necessary body processes. Hard working athlete needs to deliver more amino acids especially during intense workout to protect their muscless from breaking down, achieve optimal recovery and muscle growth. The combination in Ndure has been scientifically proven to delay fatigue, improve performance, speed up muscle recovery, enhance cardiovascular performance and exclude muscle catabolism.

  1. L-glutamine.

For human body L-glutamine presents 20% of all amino acids in the blood plasma and 61% in skeletal muscles. Glutamine plays a key role in many vital processes and is one of the best researched and proven suppliments to improve performance, glycogen replenish, lactate treshold, muscle recovery, acts as a powerful antioxidant and protects immune system. Positive impact on hormone balance, decreasing the amount of stress hormone – cortisol and promoting construction of human growth hormone makes Glutamine one of the most popular ingridients in any sport. It also plays a role in refilling your energy stocks, adjusting levels of glucose in the blood, improving mental concentration, adjusting healthy pH, improving digestion and brain capacites.

  1. Vitamins against oxidative damage and free radicals.

Free radicals released during vigorous workout are inevitable but can be regulated with correct nutrition around the workout. Vitamin C and vitamin E are powerfull antioxidants added to Ndure to prevent injururies and minimize oxidative damage. In combination with L-glutamine our users recieve the best muscle damage protection, soreness reduction and improved recovery.

  1. Stevia – natural sweetener for delicious taste without health risks.

Especially during heavy training human body is even more sensitive and vulnerable to negative affects of artificial substances. Unlike most sweeteners stevia is completely natural and safe to use in addition it has been discovered it also helps with gastrointestinal functions and various health conditions. To deliver the best taste, easy digestion and ideal sports drink in one Ndure contains ONLY ALL NATURAL sweetener stevia harvested in tropical Paraguay.

  1. During intense workout your body deserves nothing else but ALL-NATURAL.

Many health risks from worsening allergy symptoms to cancer had been connected with use of artificial additives. Only natural, plant-derived flavours in Ndure give this sports drink delicious taste and improves the delivery of essential hydration to tissues.

  1. Citric acid.

Citric acid is a natural preservative that does pose the health risks of artificial preservatives. Citric acid is the only preservative found in Ndure and is one of few preservatives that has not been shown to cause health risks. Many food preservatives have been linked to health problems, including hyperactivity in children, cancer and heart problems. Citric acid is a natural component of citric juices and is an essential component of carbohydrate metabolism. Combined with other natural flavors, citric acid gives Ndure a great taste while delivering needed hydration to tissues.