Nduranz Reg-n


Reg-N recovery drink provides ALL NUTRIENTS your body needs after intense workout to fully restore depleted muscle energy, repairs muscle tissues and rehydrate. Reg-N was formulated to maximize recovery time after workouts enabling you to train harder, better and more efficient.

  • It improves muscle recovery,
  • it fully restores depleted muscle energy storage (glycogen),
  • it improves sports performance, strength and endurance,
  • it enhances the immune system,
  • added vitamins for antioxidant effect,
  • it prevents muscle cramps and fatigue,
  • only high quality and ALL natural ingredients,
  • it prevents stress and muscle catabolism,
  • it extends the time before exhaustion.


  1. Carbohydrates to restore depleted energy storage-glycogen.

Muscle glycogen is consumed during physical activity as the main source of energy for muscles and other necessary processes. Human body can store around 450 g of glycogen inside of the muscle when completely filled. When glycogen is depleted, exhaustion occurs. It is therefore very important that you begin your workout with full energy storages. Right after workout your body stays in so called ”anabolic window” or ”window of opportunity”. In this 20 minute window after workout you can regenerate your body and refill all the lost nutrients more efficiently. Reg-n contains fast absorbing nutrients in scientifically proven ratio to optimally regenerate your body.

  1. Whey proteins as building blocks for muscle fibers.

100% pure WPC whey proteins are rich with BCAA amino acids and serve as building blocks for muscle tissues. With fast absorption they repair damaged muscles and build stronger, faster and more endurable muscle.

  1. L-glutamine for enhanced immune system and better recovery.

Non essential amino acid glutamine represents 20% of all amino acids in the blood plasma and 61% in skeletal muscles. With its ability to enhance protein synthesis, digestion, brain function, focus, muscle growth, energy levels, recovery, preventing inflammation, muscle catabolism, lowering stress hormone – cortisol, regulating pH, increasing production of body’s own growth hormone, acts like a powerful antioxidant and improves muscle glycogen repletion it is a MUST HAVE in any post-workout recovery drink.

  1. Minerals for complete rehydration.

With sweating during the workout our body looses electrolytes and therefore becomes dehydrated. To completely rehydrate your body after workout water simply isn’t enough. Balanced combination of magnesium, potassium, calcium and sodium optimally rehydrates your body and helps with recovery.

  1. Vitamins to fight toxic free radicals.

Harmful free radicals are produced by the body during intense training and cause negative effects on recovery. Antioxidant Vitamin C and Vitamin E are added to Reg-N to fight free radicals and lower stress hormone cortisol.


Nduranz Reg-N covers all parts of successful recovery after workout. Speeding up recovery time is the best way to improve athletic performance. Replenishing nutrients such as glycogen, creatine phospate, electrolytes, amino acids, vitamins and many other gathered in this product will reduce muscle damage, pain, fatigue, soreness, catabolism, lactic acid build, stress hormone cortisol and allow your body to repair damaged tissues and replenish energy stores.