Nduranz Quality Gainz


For those who want faster sports progress, more energy and power, better muscle recovery or delicious meal replacement Nduranz Quality Gainz presents an ideal supplement to add to their daily nutrition or post workout. Optimal ratio of carbohydrates and WPC whey protein provides all the nutrition active sportsman needs.

  • It builds lean muscle,
  • it contains 100% pure whey protein WPC,
  • carbohydrates in maltodextrin form,
  • maltodextrin improves recovery and refills depleted energy levels (glycogen),
  • with optimum ratio of carbohydrates and protein 60:40,
  • it increases strength, muscle mass and power.


  1. Optimal ratio of 60:40 between the carbohydrates and proteins.

Each scoop contains 56 g of carbohydrates and 40 g of protein. The combination of these two macro-nutrients has proved to be much more efficient in optimal recovery, strength increase and lean muscle mass.

  1. Whey proteins as excellent source of amino acids.

Whey protein is rich in BCAA branched amino acids, this are basic building blocks for muscle tissue and they play a key role in maintenance, recovery and building muscle mass.

  1. Maltodextrin as a carbohydrate source.

With a low sugar content maltodextrin is an excellent source of carbohydrates to build lean mass and strength without fear of accumulating excess fat.

  1. Completely natural without artificial sweeteners, colors or fillers.

Nnduranz Gainz doesn’t contain any artificial substances. To ensure excellent taste we added completely natural sweetener stevia and natural aromas.

  1. Perfect to use as a post-workout shake or delicious meal replacement.

Whey proteins are very quickly digestible and accessible to the body, therefore they are excellent to use immediately after workout without missing anabolic window of opportunity.