Nduranz Whey with Stevia


100% pure WPC whey protein with ALL NATURAL sweetener stevia is delivering 25 grams of high quality fast absorbing protein per 1 serving. It can be efficiently used as a post workout regenerative drink or protein replacement meal during the day. Add this health friendly product to your daily diet to improve muscle recovery, lean muscle mass, strength, weight loss and prevent muscle catabolism.

  • Builds lean body mass,
  • 100% pure WPC PROTEIN,
  • speeds up recovery,
  • improves strength and endurance,
  • promotes fat loss,
  • can be used as recovery after workout or protein meal replacement,
  • it contains only ALL NATURAL sweetener stevia,
  • completely safe, healthy and pure.


  1. Whey proteins are rich source of amino acids and high quality proteins.

Whey proteins are highly appreciated by their users for their high bio-availability and concentration of BCAA branched chained amino acids. They represent building blocks for skeletal muscles and are essential for many basic body functions. Any living creature needs quality proteins and amino acids for survival while athletes during their activities use increased  amounts. In order to maintain health balance and sports progress athletes need to add additional proteins and amino acids.

  1. Building, maintaining and preventing muscle breakdown.

Damaging muscle tissue during intense workout is an information for your body to build better, stronger, faster tissues. Whey protein plays a key role in optimizing muscle recovery after workout. Fast absorbing molecules reach the damaged tissues in anabolic window and with that provide the best recovery. Supplying enough protein to your body prevents muscle breakdown and reduces stress hormone cortisol.

  1. Improving endurance, muscle mass and strength.

Offering your body enough building blocks for your muscles to completely recover results in improved endurance, muscle mass volume and strength, preventing muscle catabolism and excess stress.

  1. Weight loss.

Proteins are  scientifically proven to promote weight loss. Even on low calorie diet whey proteins help to maintain our biggest energy consumers – hard earned muscles. Maintaining muscles not only improves our sport performance but helps with burning fat faster. This low carb and low fat product is perfect for enhancing your physical condition, controlling appetite and burning fat at the same time.

  1. ALL NATURAL and healthy, but delicious treat.

Especially during heavy training human body is even more sensitive and vulnerable to negative affects of artificial substances. Unlike most sweeteners stevia is completely natural and safe to use in addition it has been discovered it also helps with gastrointestinal functions and various health conditions. To deliver the best taste, easy digestion and ideal recovery drink or meal replacement in one Nduranz Whey contains ONLY ALL NATURAL sweetener stevia harvested in tropical Paraguay. Many health risks from worsening allergy symptoms to cancer had been connected with use of artificial additives. Only natural, plant-derived flavours give this protein drink healthy, delicious taste.

  1. Immune system protection and antioxidant activity.

To successfully reduce free radicals released during intense workout whey protein increases production of glutathione, one of the most powerful antioxidants.