Matej Lovše - Human Performance Centre

We are proud to report that our ambassador Matej Lovše finished in the second place at the 28th iteration of the well-known Italian amateur race Corsa per Haiti. He finished the 154 kilometers long race in 4 hours and 20 minutes.

“I am not entirely satisfied with my shape, but the result was great,” the excited runner-up tells us. “The competition was fierce. I wasn’t feeling well during the first hour, but to my surprise, I started feeling better and in the final part of the race, I felt really well, which was enough to give me second place. Since I was fighting till the end with the 4-time winner of Maraton dles Dolomites, Elettrico Tommaso, I am very satisfied with the final result.”

Matej Lovše - Corsa per Haiti

Preparations for the race started three days before the event. His nutrition and training were taken care of by experts from the Human Performance Centre, which includes Dr. Tim Podlogar, our Head of Research and Development.

Dr. Tim Podlogar explains Matej Lovše's diet before the event:

"The first thing was to avoid foods high in dietary fiber so that Matej lost some unnecessary weight. However, he only started to load his glycogen stores the day before the event, focusing on plenty of Haribo gummy delights and rice with milk. 

"Some believe that you have to start by filling up the glycogen stores a few days before the race, but I don't think that's actually needed, especially as most athletes perform a training session on the day prior to the event, which would simply mean they use up the stored glycogen before the race even begins.

"So, I usually recommend to Matej to load up with very low fiber foods, such as gummy bears and rice, on the day before the event and to avoid eating foods high in fats and fiber. Rice with milk and some chocolate powder are an excellent choice as well, as they feature different types of carbohydrates that are quickly digested and stored as glycogen in both muscles and the liver.

"In the morning before the race, Matej again had rice cooked with milk to efficiently fill up the liver glycogen stores and top up the muscle glycogen stores as well. During the race, he used a combination of Nduranz Nrgy Unit gels and Ndure sports drink with an average intake of 90 grams per hour."

Matej Lovše - Regen - Human Performance Centre

“Now that the race is behind me,” Matej Lovše looks back at his achievement, “I can say that regarding my diet before and during the race, I did everything optimally. I was well nourished at the start, and I was trying to add energy during the race so that I never felt any deficiency. Nine Nrgy Unit gels and an Ndure sports drink during the race was enough to compete for first place until the end.”

We congratulate our ambassador, Matej Lovše, for his excellent performance at the Corsa per Haiti, and nod in approval to the 'crazy scientists' at the Human Performance Centre - who would have thought gummy bears and milk rice were a winning combination?

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