Nrgy Unit Drink Replaces Ndure

In our quest to improve all our products before their final versions are launched, we updated our very popular second-generation sports drink Ndure to the third-generation Nrgy Unit Drink.

Nrgy Unit Drink replaces Ndure

The Same Formula

Don't worry, we haven't changed what works.

Ndure received excellent feedback and was widely praised by its users for being an extremely efficient source of energy during their most intense workouts and exercises.

We preserved the same carbohydrate composition of maltodextrin and fructose in the 1:0.8 ratio, which has been discovered by the renowned professor of nutrition, metabolism, and exercise, Prof. David Rowlands in New Zealand. Read more about his research here.

We also preserved the Nduranz electrolyte mix, which aims to replace precisely the electrolytes you lose in the sweat without saturating the body with excessive electrolytes which might cause digestive issues and even impair muscle function.

A New Name - Nrgy Unit Drink

To emphasize the simplicity and ease of use related to our Nduranz Nrgy Unit System, we renamed Ndure into Nrgy Unit Drink

One serving of the new Nrgy Unit Drink represents one Nrgy unit (Nduranz Energy Unit).

Want to know more on how to use our Nrgy Unit System? Check out our Fueling Guide!

Adjusted Scoop Size

To match the Nrgy unit (Nduranz Energy Unit), we increased the size of the scoop in the Nrgy Unit Drink.

Two scoops of the old Ndure sports drink are now one scoop of the new Nrgy Unit Drink, which represents 180 calories.

So, just follow the simple formula:

One scoop = one Nrgy unit = 180 calories

To learn exactly how many Nrgy units you need, use our Fueling Calculator.

Improved and Expanded Flavors

Because we know how important flavors are, we did our best to make Nrgy Unit Drink taste even better than its predecessor. Did we succeed? You be the judge!

We've also listened to your feedback and expanded our flavor offerings to cater to all of you who simply can't resist the sweet-sour delight of a more citric taste - lookout for all the new flavors with the addition of citric acid!

Nrgy Unit Drink Citric Acid

Bigger and Stronger Packaging

We are aware that the packaging of Ndure was not up to our standards - the zipper at the top of the packaging malfunctioned way too easily. We remedied this by creating a bigger, stronger packaging with a much more robust and reliable zipper.

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Nduranz Nrgy Unit Drink - Cherry Blast


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