Regen - Prototype 2

Our aim at Nduranz has always been to deliver the most efficient products backed by science for athletes who trust us with what's most important to them - their health and physical performance.

The goal of the next generation recovery drink Reg-N - Prototype 1 was to gather your feedback regarding efficiency, flavours, adverse events, and general satisfaction with the product.

Reg-N - Prototype 1 was a huge success and many of you loved the flavours and were getting excellent results in your post-training recovery and muscle adaptations.

Yet, as we had expected, not all feedback was positive. 

We looked at ways on how to improve our carefully-crafted recovery drink formula even more with all of your much appreciated feedback in mind, and we are proud to announce that we just launched our state-of-the-art recovery drink Regen - Prototype 2!

Regen - Prototype 2

Whey protein isolate

The original Reg-N recovery drink was designed to provide the optimal composition of carbohydrates according to science (1:0.8 maltodextrin to fructose ratio), an efficient mix of electrolytes, and a high-quality protein source.

The quality protein source we had chosen for Reg-N - Prototype 1 was whey protein concentrate. We made this decision because the concentrate, opposed to the isolate, tends to be better in regards to flavour, and there is no scientific evidence to suggest that whey protein isolate is better in terms of improving recovery or training adaptations.

However, numerous customers experienced gastrointestinal issues due to the lactose present in the whey concentrate. We thought this would have been solved by the addition of an enzyme complex (lactase), but unfortunately it wasn't.

This is why we opted to go with a high-quality whey protein isolate for Regen - Prototype 2. 

We worked extremely hard to create a product with the isolate that tastes even better than the one with the concentrate. We might be biased, but we believe we were successful - but as always, the truth is in the pudding, so we are very excited to see how you, our beloved customers, feel about it!

Luka Janežič Nduranz Regen

Reg-N, Regen?

You might have noticed a change in the name as well. 

We decided to rename Reg-N into Regen for a very simple reason. When people were looking online for our regeneration drink Reg-N, they naturally typed in Regen, which made searching needlessly confusing.

Since one of our main goals is to simplify the lives of athletes as much as possible (which is why we created the energy unit), we decided to change the name as part of the Prototype 2 series.

We are aware that this move might initially cause even more confusion, but we are confident it's the best long-term solution.

Regen - Prototype 2. Slightly different name, slightly different formula, but all the benefits you grew accustomed to with Reg-N - Prototype 1! 

Regen - Prototype 2

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