Energy Units (NRGY UNITS)

Nutrition planning for training or race can be very perplexing. Not only is it needed to figure out the carbohydrate needs for each session, but also make sure that the carbohydrate sources we choose are compatible with each other.

To simplify the nutrition planning we have devised Nduranz Energy Unit system.

One energy unit () contains 40-45 g of carbohydrates.

All our products (current and upcoming) will be compatible with each other meaning that when more than one energy unit will be advised to be ingested during exercise, you will be able to choose different sources without the need to worry if, for example maltodextrin:fructose ratio is optimal.

Indeed, all our carbohydrate based products use the same 1:0.8 maltodextrin:fructose ratio that has been scientifically proven to be optimal.


Make sure you check out our Fuelling Guide to see the Energy Units in action!