Ndure is the world's first energy-hydration drink with a ratio of 1:0.8 (maltodextrin:fructose) which at the same time contains electrolytes in concentrations found in human sweat. The 1:0.8 ratio between maltodextrin and fructose is not revolutionary but rather a result of plethora of research largely conducted by a Kiwi professor David S. Rowlands. He discovered that this ratio does not only enable highest possible oxidation rates of ingested carbohydrates, but also positively affects performance and even gut comfort.

The task we presented ourselves with was to introduce to the market a drink that is based on strong scientific evidence as we strongly stand behind our slogan: "Fuelled by research". 

The Ndure isotonic drink is produced in the UK at a facility that is a pioneer in the development of isotonics and energy gels - all semi-finished products are also tried and tested by employees who are triathletes and cyclists themselves, so they know what you need. Gentle and fresh flavours, natural aromas and the absence of sweet aftertaste are a combination of knowledge, personal experience and, above all, many subjective evaluations. It is made from exclusively British ingredients of the highest quality. Electrolytes come in the most available forms and in concentrations resembling human sweat.

It is currently available as a prototype in a 900g bag, as Nduranz wants additional feedback on flavours - it turns out that there is a link between flavour and subjective perception of exhaustion, with the company offering the product at a uniform 40% discount in order to develop the most palatable flavours without artificial additives.  


Product benefits

  • 2nd generation Ndure, the answer to the three main problems of pro cyclists

  • Electrolytes in a ratio resemblin human sweat

  • First in the world with a ratio of 1:0.8 (maltodextrin:fructose)

  • The multi-component mixture allows the absorption and oxidation of 90-120 grams of carbohydrates per hour

  • Carbohydrate ingestion during exercise is by far the most effective strategy for preventing muscle cramps

  • It prolongs performance time and reduces fatigue 

  • Free of harmful additives, aromas, colours and artificial sweeteners

  • Citric acid-free and pH-neutral so good for your precious teeth

  • Also suitable for young people and vegans

  • Electrolytes in citrate form with added salt

  • Prototype version - 40% discount - we collect information about flavours



It is suitable cyclists, triathletes, swimmers, football players, mountain runners, MTB and motocross riders, Nordic skiers, hockey players and all endurance athletes. A carbohydrate drink is by far the most important supplement - Carbohydrates are the essential energy source for during exercise, after exercise and before exercise.

And it does not matter if you are 90 years old or you are getting a drink for your youngest son or a daughter. Ndure does not contain anything harmful and can only aid to young or old athletes during exercise. As compared to Ndure, most other isotonics are based on artificial flavours and artificial sweeteners, which sheds a bad light on the use of sports drinks, which are also recommended by reputable exercise physiologists and sports doctors with long-term effort.

The aspect of sports performance is another dimension of isotonic use. Glycogen does not take care of our energy levels from start to finish - by utilising it, which is often done at a rate of even more than 3 grams per minute, our physical performance also decreases. Energy sensors in the body very quickly detect a decrease in glycogen and limit our physical ability. The only thing we can do offset this is to keep ingesting carbohydrates during exercise. This also helps limiting the negative effects of the stress hormone cortisol. In order to prevent physical injury or disease, cortisol adapts all body subsystems to acute danger (increases pressure and pulse, narrows blood vessels, reduces long-term oxygen supply and temporarily limits the communication of the immune system).


In short: Everything we lose and nothing more!

Ndure takes into account three factors: the ingredients and nutrient ratios must be adapted to the human physiology and its requirements, the electrolytes must be in a ratio that allows them to enter the cell, and it must contain nothing more than the things the body needs or loses. This is especially true for some electrolytes - magnesium is not lost in substantial amounts during exercise and can even cause gastrointestinal problems if present in large quantities in the drink as it makes the drink hypertonic. On the other hand, replacing other electrolytes, especially sodium is important to maintain normal electrolyte concentrations in the bloodstream.

The first drawback of most drinks in the market and addressed by Ndure were the ingredients. Many isotonics target only one carbohydrate transporter from the intestine into the bloodstream. This presents a limitation in how much carbohydrates we can absorb and then utilise during exercise. Ndure contains an appropriate ratio of maltodextrin (considered the most gentle to the stomach) and fructose. A ratio of 1:0.8 is ideal, as it allows us to absorb between 90-120g OH/h, which is 50-100% more than with your ordinary beverage. The Ndure isotonic drink takes into account both key receptors, both glucose (SLGT1 and GLUT2) and additional fructose (GLUT5), and therefore allows us to ingest up to 120g of carbohydrates per hour during exercise instead of the usual 60g, which was the amount anecdotally applied to the upper limit (in practice, this number is closer to 40-50g).



The quality of the ingredients and the absence of artificial flavours, sweeteners, citric acid, dyes - this is a constant in isotonics - is something else that contributes to both health and well-being. During exercise, the mucous membrane of our gastrointestinal tract is sensitive and, as a result, a high amount of magnesium, which we will not absorb under any circumstances, can cause discomfort, causing us to either give up or to lose our focus. On the other hand, a strong flavour enhancer, which we normally enjoy in our free time, can trigger digestive problems. To conclude: not every maltodextrin is the same, not every fructose is the same - the method of processing and the final degree of deviation from the sample model is what comes to the fore in the conditions of strenuous exercise. Inadequate forms of electrolytes (carbonates) cause them to be excreted, while some forms of magnesium have laxative effects.



One of the most interesting misconceptions in sport physiology is the myth of electrolytes. It is widely believed that electrolytes either prevent muscle cramping or that cramps are caused by magnesium lost during exercise. The fact is, however, that the cell is extremely well adapted to homeostatic processes and if the isotonic drink truly is isotonic, there will be no lack of magnesium, as we are virtually NOT losing it (a thousand times less than sodium). Adding magnesium, which is otherwise an extremely healthy mineral and can also help the athlete (if taken separately from an isotonic drink, say in the evening), only destroys the tonicity of dissolved electrolytes and increases the possibility of digestive problems (diarrhea).

Cramps occur due to a lack of glucose in the blood - if we burn glycogen, blood glucose decreases as well, which leads to disorders of the nervous system (we can not think clearly) and of neuro-motor receptors. Acetylcholine is also one of the major nerve transmitters (this is our main memory neurotransmitter), but it is also responsible for signaling muscle contraction. Whether it is a malfunction of one or a whole host of neurotransmitters is still a matter of scientific debate. 



Electrolytes play a key role in the body - without them, life ends in an instant. Potassium injection is well-known, less known is the alleged story of the Greek runner Philippides, who ran from Marathon to Athens - a distance of 42 km - to announce victory over the Persians. After that, he supposedly died on the spot - probably due to an electrolyte imbalance. Electrolytes are crucial for the normal functioning of all body subsystems as well as the cells themselves - by just drinking water during prolonged exertion we increase cell volume, while on the other hand insufficient fluid intake reduces the amount of blood plasma itself. But to achieve a better result, we can forget about electrolytes and rather strive to oxidize that magic number of 90g/OH per hour. 



Ingredients of NDURE SUPPLEMENT FOR ATHLETES (900g): Maltodextrin, fructose, electrolytes (sodium chloride, potassium citrate, calcium citrate, magnesium citrate), natural aroma. No known allergens. 

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