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All our products are based on the Nduranz features, and all Nduranz features are based on evidence provided by reliable peer reviewed studies published in highly respected scientific journals.

The Nduranz Carbohydrate Ratio is based on the findings of a distinguished metabolism researcher Prof. David Rowlands and his team. They investigated several different ratios of glucose (maltodextrin) and fructose. Extensive research lead them to the scientific conclusion that 1:0.8 ratio of maltodextrin and fructose is the most efficient for optimal absorption of carbohydrates.

The Nduranz Electrolyte Mix is based on the the amounts of minerals lost in average human sweat*. It respects the notion that magnesium does not prevent muscle cramps, while too high an intake causes digestive issues.

Our Head of Research, Dr. Tim Podlogar, tests all our Prototypes in the lab and on the field, making sure all our products are up to his high standards.

*Composition of sweat is highly variable and depends on numerous factors.

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