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Prototype Pack: Ndure + Reg-N + 12x Nrgy Gel

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  • Fueling at its best. Up to 120g.
  • GI discomfort? Thanks, but no thanks.
  • Choose between gels or isotonic.
  • Superb recovery. Get nutrients in, not out.

Focus on the races, not on research. That is our job. Buy Ndure Prototype, Reg-N Prototype and box of Nrgy Gel (12pcs) at an additional discounted price. The Ndure Prototype is our top seller, our 2nd generation isotonic drink but the first isotonic energy-hydration drink with an optimal carbohydrate composition (1:0.8 - maltodextrin:fructose) in the world. It is without artificial sweeteners and at the same time contains electrolytes in identical concentrations of the lost sweat. This ratio is much friendlier for the digestive tract from the usual glucose-based drink but what is more important, you can ulitize 30-60g more carbohydrates per hour.

The Reg-N Prototype is the next generation recovery drink that was designed to work synergistically with the Ndure energy hydrating drink by replenishing glycogen more efficiently. Reg-N Prototype contains 50g of  carbohydrate matrix and as much as 30g of whey protein, produced in a British factory with a long-standing tradition and backed with proofs of its excellence. Supplemented with digestive enzymes, it does not contain any artificial flavor enhancers, sweeteners, or preservatives. The electrolytes (rarely found in similar producst) and ratios are completely adjusted sweat losses.

The Nrgy Gel is the first energy gel that can be used interchangeably with a hydration drink. You simply use whatever you prefer - a drink or a gel. It utilises a proven Nduranz fuelling system with NRGY units, which are the same in all of our energy and hydration products. Nrgy Gel will provide you with same ingredients in the same ratio as hydration drink: 40-45g of carbohydrates in a maltodextrin:fructose ratio of 1: 0.8. In addition to salt, it also contains potassium, magnesium and calcium - al in the ratio found the blood.

  • Complete fuelling and recovery pack
  • First isotonic drink in the world with a ratio of 1:0.8 (maltodextrin:fructose)
  • The multi-component mixture allows oxidation of 90-120 grams of carbohydrates per hour
  • High-impact energy gels with the ingredients as well compositon of Ndure isotonic drink
  • Two Nrgy Gels prodivide you with 80-90g of absorbed & oxidized carbs
  • Supplying energy over a period of several hours without stomach discomfort
  • Recovery drink wirh 30g of protein and 50g of carbohydrate matrix for optimal recovery of muscle tissue
  • Carbohydrate matrix that promotes recovery by influencing the storage meassuring energy sensors
  • With 2270mg of total electrolytes added  it helps in the optimal functioning of the musculoskeletal system
  • With high levels of leucine and added digestive enzymes
  • Manufactured in Informed-Sport registered facilities with over 25 years of experience
  • Doping-free (WADA)

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    Check the NdureReg-N and Nrgy Gel @Label section.

    Ingredients of Ndure: Maltodextrin, fructose, electrolytes (sodium chloride, potassium citrate, calcium citrate, magnesium citrate), natural aroma.

    Ingredients of Reg-N: Whey protein concentrate (MILK), maltodextrin, fructose, electrolyte mix (sodium chloride, potassium citrate, calcium citrate, magnesium citrate), fat reduced cocoa powder, natural flavouring, emulsifier (lecithin from sunflowers), digestive enzymes (bromelain, lactase).

    Ingredients of Nrgy Gel: Water, maltodextrin, fructose, electrolyte mix (sodium chloride, potassium citrate, calcium citrate, magnesium citrate), natural flavouring, acidity regulators (citric acid, sodium citrate), gelling agent (gellan gum), preservatives (potassium sorbate).

    Check the usage of Ndure, Nrgy Gel and Reg-N.

    For more details check the Fuelling guide.

    Our philosophy is simple - provide athletes with the products that are scientifically proven to be effective. Check the Evidence section of  NdureNrgy Gel and Reg-N  to keep track what is happening behing the close doors of insitutes.

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    Check the Ndure, Reg-N and Nrgy Gel @More info section.

    At the time being, you can only choose the NDURE flavor. NRGY gels will be mixed (4pcs each of our 3 flavors). REGN, you may write us an email for your desired flavor, if not, we choose randomly. :)