Regen - Prototype 2 - 500 g

Our state-of-the-art recovery drink is designed for optimal post-exercise recovery.
  • Nduranz Carbohydrate Ratio for optimal muscle and liver glycogen replenishment
  • Nduranz Electrolyte Mix stimulates the most natural and seamless rehydration
  • High-quality whey protein to initiate muscle adaptations

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Maximize energy availability
Improve recovery
Reduce gastrointestinal problems
Only evidence based
Easy to use

Regen - Recover faster. Push harder.

The recovery drink Regen - Prototype 2 is the next-generation recovery drink designed to work in synergy with Nduranz fueling products.

We were the first in the world to introduce a maltodextrin and fructose mixture in the ratio of 1:0.8. The combination of these two carbohydrates stimulates optimal replenishment of both muscle and liver glycogen stores. This combination is also friendlier to the digestive tract, which is usually extremely irritated after exercise due to the consumption of large amounts of glucose.

Most recovery drinks contain a large amount of carbohydrates (up to 5:1 carbohydrate to protein ratio). The new Regen contains 50 grams of carbohydrates and 30 grams of whey protein. 

The recovery drink Regen - Prototype 2 does not contain any artificial flavor enhancers, sweeteners, or preservatives.

Regen - Prototype 2 contains the electrolytes required to replenish fluids lost during workouts. The ratio of electrolytes is adjusted to sweat loss so that you give the body exactly what it needs after exercise.

Regen - Prototype 2 is produced in a British facility with a long-standing tradition and many certificates of excellence.

  • Optimize your post-workout recovery
  • Replenish glycogen stores after exercise
  • Composition and ratio of CHO for best absorption
  • Rebuild your muscle
  • WPI 90 for best adaptations
  • Rehydrate with electrolytes lost in sweat
  • No harmful additives
  • No artificial flavors, colorants, or sweeteners
  • Suitable for lactose intolerant persons
  • Doping-free (WADA)


    100 g

    1 serving (88 g)

    Chocolate flavors

    1 serving (88 g)

    Other flavors


    1559.8 kJ / 367.1 kcal 1327.8 kJ / 312.6 kcal 1371.1 kJ / 323 kcal


    1 g 1.2 g 0.88 g

    Of which saturates

    0.3 g 0.79 g 0.26 g


    57.3 g 48.57 g 50.42 g

    Of which sugars

    28.4 g 24.1 g 24.99 g


    0 g 0 g 0 g


    33.8 g 27.8 g 29.74 g


    1.4 g 1.232 g 1.232 g
    Potassium 520 mg 458 mg (23% RDA) 458 mg (23% RDA)
    Calcium 100 mg 88 mg (11% RDA) 88 mg (11% RDA)
    Magnesium 6 mg 5.3 mg (1.4% RDA) 5.3 mg (1.4% RDA)


    Whey protein isolate (MILK), maltodextrin, fructose, fat-reduced cocoa powder (chocolate flavors), Nduranz electrolyte mix (sodium chloride, tripotassium citrate, tricalcium citrate, trimagnesium citrate), natural aroma.

    Banned Substance Statement: DOWNLOAD

    Consume one scoop with water after moderate workouts.

    Consume two scoops with water after long and/or intense workouts.

    To optimize your energy intake, check our Recovery guide and our Fueling calculator.

    Our philosophy is simple - provide athletes with products that are scientifically proven to be effective. So effective that you can notice the difference when using it the first few times.

    A single serving of Regen - Prototype 2 contains 30 grams of high-quality protein derived from cold-processed whey. Its carbohydrate source in the 1:0.8 maltodextrin to fructose ratio stimulates optimal glycogen replenishment and gastrointestinal comfort. The electrolyte content matches the average content of human sweat.

    Check out some interesting scientific research related to this topic:

    Researchers from the University of Birmingham were the first to test whether the addition of fructose to a glucose-based carbohydrate source during recovery leads to improved recovery. They found that in runners combining fructose and maltodextrin is more than 30% more effective than maltodextrin only: ↪️

    The findings of the study above were confirmed in cyclists as well in a study conducted at the University of Bath: ↪️

    The importance of combing fructose and glucose (maltodextrin) during recovery has now been widely accepted in the scientific community. Here is a very good recent review article on the topic so that you will understand why we opted for the given formulation of the recovery drink Regen - Prototype 2: ↪️

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