Sport Bottle 600ml

Show everyone your favorite brand of sports nutrition with our custom made Nduranz Sport Bottle.
  • BPA-free plastic makes this bottle a safe choice for your health
  • Take your sports and recovery drinks wherever you go
  • Keep your body fueled and hydrated in great style

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Maximize energy availability
Improve recovery
Reduce gastrointestinal problems
Only evidence based
Easy to use

Capacity: 600 ml

Height: 200 mm

Diameter: fi 74

Color: black & white

Description: Nduranz Sports Bottle with Nduranz logo and Nrgy Unit guide 


  • Soft rubber push and pull valve
  • Non-slip bottom
  • Suitable for carbohydrate and recovery drinks
  • BPA free (conforms to EC and FDA)

Polypropylene (cap) and LD polyethylene (bottle). 

Use with 500 ml of water and the carbohydrate drink Nrgy Unit Drink during exercise or 500 ml of water and recovery drink Regen after exercise.


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