We do extensive testing before releasing the final version of a product.

Sports nutrition for endurance athletes


Some of our products are labeled Prototype.

The Prototype label means the product is not yet the final version.

All our products go through six phases:

  1. We check all the related science and analyze the need for such a product on the market.
  2. Small test among 4-6 people, each with a unique circumstance (digestive issues, stomach issues, high performance athlete, etc.).
  3. Test of mixability and rentability of production, adding additives if needed.
  4. Small test among 4-5 people, testing flavors.
  5. After the first four phases are complete, the product is launched as Prototype. This is when the big-scale test begins, and we dig deep into the feedback we receive.
  6. After making the final adjustments based on the acquired feedback, we launch the product as the final version.


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