Sodium bicarbonate is proven to improve athletic performance in short bursts of extreme intensity.

The Nduranz Sodium Bicarbonate Ingestion Protocol defines the appropriate use of sodium bicarbonate before and during physical activity to achieve best results.

An athlete requires an intake of 0.2 to 0.3 g of sodium bicarbonate per kilogram of body mass before exercise and 5 g per hour during exercise.

Sodium bicarbonate ingestion protocol

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Nrgy Unit Drink Buffer

  • Combine carbohydrate and sodium bicarbonate intake during race
  • 45 g of carbohydrates and 5 g of sodium bicarbonate per serving
  • Optimal combination of carbohydrates for high energy availability
Sustain a sufficient carbohydrate and sodium bicarbonate intake with Nrgy Unit Drink Buffer.

Sodium Bicarbonate

  • Pure source of sodium bicarbonate for endurance athletes
  • 1 g of sodium bicarbonate per tablet
  • Use to preload before intense training or race
Preload with sodium bicarbonate before intense training or race.

Sodium bicarbonate ingestion protocol


Sodium bicarbonate needs to be ingested 60 to 120 minutes before exercise. Keep that in mind when ingesting sodium bicarbonate before training or a race.

Topping up

To sustain appropriate levels of sodium bicarbonate in your blood and gain its maximum effect, we recommend ingesting an additional 5 g of sodium bicarbonate per hour during exercise.

Don't forget about fueling and recovery

Combine the intake of sodium bicarbonate with an appropriate fueling strategy.

After physical activity, take care of your recovery.

Possible side effects

Ingestion of sodium bicarbonate may have some side effects. The most common one is digestive issues.

We recommend training your digestive system's tolerance to sodium bicarbonate before race. You may start with smaller doses and gradually build up towards the recommended intake. 

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