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Nduranz - Fuelled by Research

It is our intention to help athletes reach their potential by providing them with sports nutrition products that are based on the latest scientific evidence.

Maximising Energy Availability

Our products are made of multiple carbohydrate types to enable athletes to ingest and utilise more carbohydrates during exercise.

Improving Recovery

To train hard, you have to recover quickly. Proper nutrition is essential to achieve that. We are here to help you in this aspect.

Reducing Gut Discomfort

Gastrointestinal problems are a serious issue among endurance athletes. We paid a lot of attention in choosing the ingredients that are known to be minimising the chance of gut discomfort.

Only Evidence Based

In Sports Nutrition there are numerous trends that come and go. These are not founded on science. We believe you only deserve what has been proven to be working and nothing else!

Energy units

Making our lives easier. Fuel like a pro, without advanced mathematics.

Quality Control

Proudly manufactured in the UK, in the Informed-Sport registered facilities with over 25 years of experience of working in the sports nutrition industry.

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Ndure - Prototype

Energy Hydration Drink

REG-N - Prototype

Recovery Formula

NRGY GEL - Prototype

High Energy Gel

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Development of Nduranz products. The story

Behind everything there is a story. The story behind our development of our products is interesting. 

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Fuelling Guidelines!

Fuel for the work required.


When you are racing .... this is life. Anything that happens before or after... that is just waiting.


Training requires different guidelines as sometimes a high carbohydrate availability is not desired.

Hydration Guide

By calculating the amount of weight lost, you can figure out how effective your hydration strategy in such environmental conditions was. Aim for body weight reductions of less than 4%. 

Stay Hydrated!