Learn to hydrate in different climates.

Proper hydration is an essential part of fueling and recovery. The aim of hydration is to provide the body with the required fluid and the minerals (electrolytes) it needs. 

The Nduranz Electrolyte Mix matches the minerals lost in sweat during exercise, providing the body only what it needs and nothing more*!

*Excess minerals, especially magnesium, are known to cause gastrointestinal issues.

For most athletes drinking to thirst will be sufficient for most occasions. However, such an advice is not always practical as we have to know in advance roughly how much fluid we will require during the training session or a competition.

Normal Weather Conditions

Normal weather

As a general rule of thumb, try to have one normal bottle of water per hour (500 ml) in temperate environmental conditions. By using Nrgy Unit Drink and mixing it with 500 ml of water, you will get an isotonic drink and supply your body with one Nrgy Unit.

Hot Weather Conditions

Hot weather

In the heat or in extreme humidity when you are sweating profusely, you can drink a larger water bottle (750 ml) per hour. By mixing Nrgy Unit Drink with 750 ml of water, you will get a hypotonic drink that is perfect for hydration in the heat.

Cold Weather Conditions

Cold weather

In the cold winter and when feeling cold, one normal bottle of water for two hours (500 ml) is sufficient for most athletes. Keep in mind that you will only be providing your body with 0.5 Nrgy Units per hour.

Pro Tip

Pro tip hydration

If you can, weigh yourself before and after a training session and note down the amount of fluid you've ingested. By calculating the amount of weight lost, you can figure out how effective your hydration strategy in such environmental conditions was. Aim for body weight reductions of less than 4%.

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