Nrgy Unit Gel - Refillable Bottle

A convenient and cost-effective choice.

An economical pack of the most energy-packed gel ever created - 45 grams of carbohydrates per 75 grams of gel and the electrolytes you actually lose in your sweat.

  • Consume 90 grams or more of carbohydrates per hour
  • Minimize risk of digestive issues or muscle cramps
  • FREE: Gel flask

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Sodium Chloride
Sodium Citrate
Potassium Chloride
Tricalcium Citrate
Trimagnesium Citrate

Natural flavoring
Acidity regulators (citric acid, sodium citrate)
Gelling agent (gellan gum)
Preservative (potassium sorbate)


100 g


1004 kJ / 240 kcal

Total Fat

0 g

Saturated Fat

0 g

Total Carbohydrate

60 g


29.3 g

Dietary Fiber

0 g


0 g
Salt 970 mg

Nduranz Electrolyte Mix

1458 mg

 Banned Substance Statement: DOWNLOAD 

Consume 75 to 150 grams of Nrgy Unit Gels per hour depending on the targeted carbohydrate intake.

During intense exercise that lasts more than two hours, endurance athletes should aim to consume up to 90 grams of carbohydrates per hour.

Before ingesting such a high intake, you should train your gut to avoid digestive issues.

To achieve a high carbohydrate intake, you can combine Nrgy Unit Gel with our other fueling products, such as Nrgy Unit Drink or Nrgy Unit Bar.

For more information, check our Fueling Guide.

To help you achieve the high energy intake demanded by intense endurance exercise, we've crammed 45 grams of carbohydrates into 75 g of energy gel. Potent and efficient, this fresh-tasting, electrolyte-rich, completely natural energy gel is all you need to provide energy to your body and stay optimally hydrated during intense exercise.

With this new version, we've improved the composition of salt to reduce saltiness and the sensation of thirst after use. We've also fortified the packaging, so you can count on this gel to stay by your side even during the roughest challenges!

“The product I am most proud of, NRGY Unit Gel was the first offering more than 40 grams of carbohydrates in the optimal 1:0.8 glucose to fructose ratio. It was developed with the performance in mind and it’s definitely my favorite product. Since the launch, many other brands tried to copy it, demonstrating what a great product this really is.” - Dr. Tim Podlogar

High Energy Intake

Nrgy Unit Gel is designed to allow high-energy intakes. In fact, you need only two energy gels per hour to get all the energy you need.

Optimal Carbohydrate Ratio 

A combination of glucose and fructose in the 1:0.8 ratio is proven by science to be optimal for carbohydrate absorption during intense exercise.

Stay Hydrated

Replace only the electrolytes you need to sustain optimal hydration throughout your exercise and allow your body to function as it is intended to.

Mix and Match

All our fueling products are designed to work in tandem with each other. Try them out and see what combination works best for you.

Master of Energy

To facilitate your carbohydrate intake during exercise, all our fueling products are based on Nrgy Unit, which equals 45 grams of carbohydrates.

No Compromise

We never compromise when it comes to the quality of our ingredients. Expect only the best and the most natural stuff we can get.

Simply Science

We base all our products on the latest scientific research and nothing else. If science doesn't approve of it, neither do we.

No Bullshit

We're not here to sell you a product that doesn't work. Our mission is to help you become a better athlete. Don't like our product? Let us know!

Key Features

  • Economical packaging
  • Affordable choice
  • Nduranz Carbohydrate Ratio
  • Nduranz Electrolyte Mix
  • Nrgy Unit System
  • Mix and match with other fueling products
  • Free of WADA-prohibited substances
  • No harmful additives, artificial flavors, colorants, or sweeteners
  • Suitable for vegans


Dietary supplement

Quantity: 1000 g

Carbohydrates per 75 g of gel: 45 grams

Electrolytes: yes

Serving size: 75 g 

Servings per box: 13

Flavors: lemon


When comparing a gel, a drink, and a bar of similar carbohydrate content, it was found that the gel is likely the best option for both the digestive system comfort as well as performance. ↪️

This study investigated varying doses of carbohydrates ingested in moderately-trained individuals on performance outcomes and found that 40 grams per hour are the minimal amount of carbohydrates that are required for improving performance. This is approximately the amount of 1 Nrgy Unit. ↪️

It is a common question - is it better to ingest carbohydrates more frequently but in smaller quantities or less frequently and in bigger boluses? Researchers from Loughborough University tried to answer this question and found that less frequent feedings produced better results. This is one of the reasons why one Nrgy Unit packs so much punch - not only it is more time-efficient to take two rather than three energy gels per hour, it is also more effective. ↪️

45 g of carbohydrates per 75 g of gel
1 : 0.8 glucose based carbohydrates to fructose ratio
Nduranz electrolyte mix

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