Caffeine may help you to improve your performance but don't overdo it.

The Nduranz Caffeine Ingestion Protocol defines the appropriate use of caffeine before and during physical activity to achieve best results.

An athlete requires 3-6 mg of caffeine per kilogram of body mass for efficient results. The recommended dose for habituated caffeine users is 4 mg or more.


Caffeine needs 15-30 minutes to get absorbed and become effective. Keep that in mind when ingesting caffeine before training or a race.

Topping Up

Caffeine levels in the body start to decline over time. Caffeine top-up is recommended for events longer than 2 hours.

We recommend ingesting additional 65 mg of caffeine per hour to maintain a sufficient concentration of caffeine in the blood.

Don't Forget About Fueling and Recovery

Combine caffeine consumption with an appropriate fueling strategy.

After physical activity, take care of appropriate recovery.

Possible Side Effects

Some athletes report having increased heart rate, anxiety levels, and a need to visit a toilet after drinking caffeinated beverages.

Test the caffeine ingestion protocol before important training sessions or races. 

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