Use our Fueling Calculator to calculate your energy requirements.

The more active you are, the more it is crucial to keep filling your glycogen stores.

Workout duration (hours)

For exercises shorter than 2 hours, fueling may not be necessary. For exercises longer than 2 hours, fueling becomes necessary.


Low intensity - you can easily talk
Moderate intensity - sweet spot and/or tempo
High intensity - hard intervals or racing

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What is Nrgy Unit?

Nrgy Unit is the measuring unit of our fueling products. One Nrgy Units = 45 grams of carbohydrates = 180 calories.

Learn more about Nrgy Unit!

Nrgy Unit Products

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Nrgy Unit GelNrgy Unit Gel

Nrgy Unit Gel

45 g of carbs per gel!

Sale priceFrom €29,95
Zero Drink

Zero Drink

Effervescent electrolyte tablets

Sale price€6,99
Nrgy Unit DrinkNrgy Unit Drink

Nrgy Unit Drink

Sweat replacing carbohydrate drink

Sale priceFrom €14,95
Beta Alanine Powder
Sale price€17,95
100 mg caffeine capsules

Caffeine Capsules

Load up before race

Sale price€4,99
Sport BottleSport Bottle

Sport Bottle

super light - 53 g - 550 ml

Sale price€4,99
Nrgy Unit Drink 90 - PrototypeNrgy Unit Drink 90 - Prototype

Nrgy Unit Drink 90 - Prototype

90 g of carbohydrates per serving

Sale priceFrom €14,95
Intra Protein Drink - PrototypeIntra Protein Drink - Prototype

Intra Protein Drink - Prototype

Protect your muscles

Sale priceFrom €34,95
Nrgy Unit Bar - PrototypeNrgy Unit Bar - Prototype

Nrgy Unit Bar - Prototype

Low fat energy bar

Sale price€19,95

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