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What is Nrgy Unit?

Nrgy Unit is the measuring unit of our fueling products. One Nrgy Units = 45 grams of carbohydrates = 180 calories.


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Nrgy Unit Drink 90 - 1500 gNrgy Unit Drink 90 - 1500 g
Nrgy Unit Drink 90 - 1500 g
Sale price€26,95
Nrgy Unit GelNrgy Unit Gel
Nrgy Unit Gel
Sale price€29,95
Nrgy Unit Gel - CaffeineNrgy Unit Gel - Caffeine
Nrgy Unit Gel - Caffeine
Sale price€34,95
Intra Protein Drink - 400 g
Intra Protein Drink - 400 g
Sale price€22,99 Regular price€34,95
Nrgy Unit Drink - 1500 gNrgy Unit Drink - 1500 g
Nrgy Unit Drink - 1500 g
Sale price€26,95
Intra Protein Drink - 1000g
Intra Protein Drink - 1000g
Sale price€34,99 Regular price€69,95
Half Nrgy Unit Juice BarHalf Nrgy Unit Juice Bar
Half Nrgy Unit Juice Bar
Sale price€19,95

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