Your training tomorrow begins with your recovery today.

Recovery allows your body to perform during intense exercise, preserve energy, build muscle, reduce exercise-related stress, and prevent injuries.

To recover after intense exercise, you should:

  • Replenish muscle and liver glycogen stores with a quality source of carbohydrates.
  • Rebuild muscles by triggering muscle adaptations with a quality source of protein.
  • Rehydrate by consuming electrolyte-rich fluid.

Replenish Your Glycogen Stores

Replenish glycogen stores

During intense exercise, your body depletes its glycogen stores in 90 to 150 minutes. Once you run out, you experience the so-called crash.

To slow down the consumption of glycogen during exercise, you must properly fuel

After exercise, you must replenish your glycogen stores to prepare your body for the next exercise.

To start replenishing your glycogen stores, ingest approximately 60 grams of carbohydrates within 45 minutes after exercise.

Rebuild your muscle

Rebuild muscle

Intense exercise puts heavy strain on your muscles, causing micro-tears to the muscle fiber. Your body repairs damaged muscles and makes them bigger through a process called hypertrophy.

Building muscle consists of two steps:

  • Stimulation happens as you exercise, causing micro-tears to the muscle.
  • Repair occurs after exercise, and as the body repairs the muscle, it also makes it bigger.

To trigger muscle adaptation, we recommend ingestion of approximately 30 grams of high-quality* protein within 45 minutes after exercise.

*It is important to ingest as many essential (and non-essential) amino acids as possible, so try to go for the source of protein with a full amino acid spectrum.



Proper hydration is essential for pretty much all body functions, which naturally includes replenishment of glycogen stores and muscle adaptations.

This is why rehydration is one of the essential elements of recovery (and fueling), as we need minerals (electrolytes) to keep our system up and running.

Since electrolytes are all about balance, we recommend ingesting only the minerals you actually lose* during exercise.

*Many sports and recovery drinks overdo certain minerals (especially magnesium), which can disturb your electrolyte balance and lead to digestive issues.

Nduranz Electrolyte Mix contains the concentration of minerals you lose in your sweat during exercise.

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