What's the difference between all these Nrgy Unit Drinks?

There are three different Nrgy Unit Drinks available, and you may wonder what that's all about.

Let us explain in simple terms what it all means.

Nrgy Unit Drink

It's the first Nrgy Unit Drink created and the one suitable to most athletes under most circumstances.

Basically, it's the optimal fuel for endurance athletes according to our best efforts to put into practice what modern science teaches us.

One serving gives you 45 grams of carbohydrates and our electrolyte mix, designed to replace only the minerals you actually lose in your sweat – it's not just about sounding cool but getting it right, so you don't end up with digestive issues and suboptimal performance.

Nrgy Unit Drink 90

There are some athletes who just need more. More energy, more endurance, more breaking of their limits.

It's for those athletes that we created Nrgy Unit Drink 90.

With 90 grams of carbohydrates per serving, this is the most energy-packed fuel you can find. As such, it is only meant for athletes who need extreme intakes of carbohydrates.

Please, train your gut before any serious use.

Nrgy Unit Drink Buffer

Instead of our regular electrolyte mix, Nrgy Unit Drink Buffer contains sodium bicarbonate.

Why sodium bicarbonate?

Because it improves your performance during short bursts of extreme intensity. In other words, you are able to sprint longer and faster.

Please consult our Sodium Bicarbonate Ingestion Protocol before use.

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