Replace what you lose in your sweat. 

Get the minerals you need with Nduranz Electrolyte Mix.

  • Replace only what you lose in your sweat
  • Stay hydrated without digestive issues
  • Improve your energy availability

Replace What You Lose

Replace only what you lose in your sweat.

Most supplements on the market get the electrolyte composition wrong.

Our electrolyte mix looks like this.

Mineral Amount
Natrium Chloride (Salt) 700 mg
Tri Potassium Citrate (active) 260 mg
Tri Calcium Citrate (active) 50 mg
Tri Magnesium Citrate (active) 3 mg


Notice anything interesting?

Nduranz Electrolyte Mix

Yeah, that's right. We have lots of salt and very little magnesium in our mix.

Why is that?

Because we follow basic scientific logic. When we sweat, we lose a high amount of salt and very little magnesium.

No Digestive Issues

Studies demonstrate that a high intake of magnesium does not prevent muscle cramps, as widely advertised, but it can cause digestive issues.

The point of hydration is to provide your body what it actually needs, and magnesium is not it.

Check out our Hydration Guide to learn more about hydration.

Energy Availability

Electrolytes are not only about hydration. Pretty much everything going on in your body relies on electrolytes to get the message across.

This also includes energy availability.

Learn more about Nduranz Electrolyte Mix.


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