Nrgy Unit is the measuring unit at the heart of our fueling products.

Use our Fueling Calculator and fuel for the work required.

  • Precise fuel when you need it.
  • Easy to use, no calculations required.
  • Combine different fuel sources.
Nutrition during exercise for endurance athletes

Optimal Fuel

Endurance sports require a high energy intake of 90 grams of carbohydrates or more per hour.

The problem is, the amount you can absorb is limited by the capacity of the transporters of carbohydrates in your body (the glucose and the fructose transporter).

The glucose transporter can absorb up to 60 grams of carbohydrates per hour. Adding a source of fructose uses the second transporter and increases the absorption of carbohydrates to 90 grams or more per hour.

Research shows that a 1:0.8 ratio of glucose and fructose optimally uses both transporters. This is the ratio used in all our fueling and recovery products.

Easy to Use

Nrgy Unit makes your life easy.

No need to calculate calories or count carbohydrates in your energy gels and carbohydrate drinks.

Use our Fueling Calculator and fuel for the work required.

One Nrgy Unit equals to 45 grams of carbohydrates or 180 calories. The amount of Nrgy Units you need per hour depends on the length and intensity of your exercise.


All our fueling products from the Nrgy Unit line (Nrgy Unit Gels, Nrgy Unit Drink) use the Nrgy Unit. 

This allows you to combine both energy gels and carbohydrates drinks and still hit the correct amount of nutrients you need.

Why is this important?

Because depending on the circumstance, you might need more or less fluid, and sometimes one or the other is more practical.

Please note that exceeding the recommended amount of Nrgy Units or consuming other products may increase risk of digestive issues

Check our Fueling Guide to learn more about fueling.


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