Recovery Guidelines


To recover as quickly as possible and not only get ready for the next training session but also start the adaptation process, we advise you to:

This means eating something high in carbohydrates to start filling up the glycogen stores. Ideally you would have around 50 grams of carbohydrates consisting of various types of monosaccharides (i.e., glucose and fructose).

This means eating something high in protein to initiate the process of recovery and adaptation. Ideally you would ingest 20-30 grams of a high quality protein source (i.e., whey protein). 

This means drinking drinking something with electrolytes so that you re-establish the fluid balance.

Our Reg-N has an optimal composition of everything and is thus a perfect companion for immediately post-exercise.

After having a Reg-N, it is time to start thinking about your next training session. If it is going to be hard, then eat plenty of carbohydrates. If it is going to be easy, focus on getting enough protein.