Unveiling Excellence: Inside NDURANZ Training Camp in Monaco

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Our first training camp. The power of our sports nutrition as we witness its remarkable effectiveness in swimming, cycling, and running among our athletes.
Nduranz training camp in Monaco

In March, our goal was simple: create the perfect environment for our athletes to train efficiently. We provided top-notch facilities and services, giving the athletes every advantage to reach their peak performance. With a team of sports osteopaths, national coaches, and esteemed partners, we left no stone unturned in unlocking our athletes' full potential. As the week unfolded, we made a lasting impact in Monte Carlo, Monaco.

Now, let's dive into the captivating journey of our athletes who embarked with our products during the training camp. Our athletes Arthur Horseau and Arnaud Guilloux undertook on grueling training sessions, where they put our range of products to the ultimate test.

Arthur and Arnauld
Arnauld and Arthur during cycling session


In swimming training, the mental aspect is crucial for race preparation. It requires harnessing personal determination and ensuring your sports nutrition routine is flawless. Arnaud Guilloux shared his experience he had with Nrgy Unit Drink, Nrgy Unit Drink Buffer and our Regen.

1. How did Nrgy Unit Drink made you feel?

"I genuinely felt a surge of energy boost when I tried it. The Nrgy Unit Drink is a revelation, I feel a real energy boost. But the one that really blew me away was Nrgy Unit Drink Buffer. It works like no other!"

2. What do you feel is different about our Nrgy Unit Drink Buffer compared to others?

"During my intense sessions, I have tried a range of sports nutrition products, but when I tried the Nrgy Unit Drink Buffer for the first time, I really have the feeling that it delays the arrival of lactate acid. I was able to go further and put in even more effort. Ohh and I shouldn’t forget to mention my favorite drink for recovery: Regen as soon as I get back to the hotel! The feeling is unique, unlike any other. Next day you feel brand new.”

3. When training in the pool, what difficulties did you encounter?

"It depends on the moment. I was a swimmer before I become a triathlete so it's one of the disciplines I know best. As far as nutrition goes, I've got into the habit of drinking one bottle of Nrgy Unit Drink before my session and another bottle during the session. I'm a big fan!"

Swimming training session with our Nrgy Unit Drink


From the fluidity of strokes in the pool to the rhythmic cadence of pedaling, our athletes adapt and embrace the challenges of cycling sessions. The fusion of power and endurance propels them forward, as they conquer diverse terrains and push their limits to new heights.

With each pedal stroke, they experienced firsthand the remarkable effectiveness of our gels and drinks and how the sensations evolved with varying training intensities. For non-intensive rides, our athletes recommend the invigorating Nrgy Unit Drink, consuming one 500/750 ml bottle per hour and keeping additional portions handy for refueling on the road.

Arnauld eating our Training Bar
Arnauld eating our Training Bar



And our journey continued. As the sun rose and painted the horizon in golden hues, our athletes tied their running shoes, prepared to tackle the final part of their triumphant trilogy. With each stride, they channeled their unwavering determination and relentless passion, hurrying themselves closer to the finish line.

Our athletes were blessed with an extraordinary opportunity to train in idyllic climatic conditions, immersed in an environment tailor-made for peak performance. The legendary Louis II Stadium in Monaco played host to their training sessions, a venue inaugurated in 1985 by Prince Raigner III. This iconic stadium stands witness to numerous sporting competitions within the Principality of Monaco.

One training session from our fabulous coach MZ Coaching, in particular, held great significance for long-distance athletes: the formidable 8x800m. Marathon runners often utilize this session to fine-tune their marathon pace, considering it the ultimate test and dress rehearsal before the grand event. This session's relevance extends to triathlon training, which demands extensive hours of rigorous preparation each week.

Arthur run training camp  
Running training session at Louis II stadion

Whether you're an enthusiast or a seasoned professional, the key distinction lies in the volume and intensity of your training.

Our recommended fueling strategy for this type of training session includes:

From the serenity of the water to the speed of wheels spinning and the pounding of feet against the pavement, each training session contributes to their mastery of the three disciplines. Our products guarantees optimal nutrition for long and intense sessions. We are thrilled when athletes place their trust in our product, as it allows them to solely focus on their training. When they can dedicate themselves wholeheartedly to their workouts, the outcome naturally leads to optimized results in competition.

What is the driving force that propels our elite athletes forward? What stirs their inner fire? Their unwavering motivation centers around a single, resolute goal: victory!

Check out our video showcasing the highlights of this extraordinary experience in Monte Carlo.



Morning training sessions provide a fertile ground for endurance athletes, leveraging the potential of fasted training. The multitude of benefits associated with fasted training has made it a widely adopted practice in the realm of endurance sports.

However, caution must be exercised, limiting it to two sessions per week. Equally important is the replenishment of carbohydrates after such a training session. When it comes to sports nutrition, we understand the crucial importance of considering a comprehensive diet. That's why we collaborate with esteemed nutritionists to provide our athletes with a holistic and meticulous approach to their nutritional plans.

At Nduranz, we embark on a groundbreaking journey, revolutionizing the way we support our athletes and customers. By combining our research expertise with the profound knowledge of our team, we offer unwavering support to every athlete as they strive for unrivaled sporting performance. Together, we pave the path to exceptional achievements and extraordinary moments of triumph.

In conclusion, our training camp in Monaco epitomized our unwavering commitment to excellence. Immersing athletes Arthur Horseau and Arnaud Guilloux in an environment primed for success, we provided state-of-the-art facilities, expert guidance, and of course one of a kind products

The power of our products became evident as our athletes delved into intense training sessions. From the invigorating Nrgy Unit Drink to the performance-boosting Nrgy Unit Drink Buffer, our athletes experienced a remarkable surge of energy, enhanced endurance, and a deep sense of satisfaction. These meticulously crafted products, born out of years of research and collaboration with nutritionists, ensured optimal fueling and rapid recovery, paving the way for exceptional athletic performance.

Fuel your passion, embrace the power of science-backed nutrition, and unlock your true potential. Together, we'll conquer new horizons and celebrate the victories that await us.

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