Nduranz Electrolyte Mix

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A mix of minerals designed to replace only what you actually lose in your sweat and enable optimal hydration.
Nduranz Electrolyte Mix: Optimal Concentration of Minerals

Because electrolyte balance is extremely important for our health, well-being, and athletic performance, we used our scientific knowledge to create the optimal electrolyte mix many other sports drinks lack.

The Nduranz Electrolyte Mix based on human sweat provides your body only what it needs, and nothing more (a literature review on the optimal composition of fluid-replacement beverages is found here)!

Nrgy Unit GelReplace only the minerals you actually lose

Floating minerals

Many people struggle with the basic question - are electrolytes and minerals one and the same?

It's simple. Electrolytes are minerals in body fluid (blood, sweat, urine). Once minerals enter the fluid, they get an electric charge and become crucial enablers of pretty much every vital function in the body.

Some of the most important electrolytes are potassium, calcium, magnesium, and sodium chloride aka salt.

Too good to be true

Without electrolytes, we wouldn't be alive, and you can take our word for it.

Among many other things, electrolytes make sure our heart keeps beating - pretty cool, huh?

They also help transmit nerve signals from cell to cell, help our muscles move, regulate pH levels, and so much more.

Keep the good times flowing

Another cool feature of electrolytes is that they keep our bodies hydrated.

When water enters our bodies, electrolytes direct it to where it's needed most, making sure all cells in the body are hydrated.

Electrolytes also maintain water levels within and without our cells, ensuring everything functions properly.

Electrolytes in human sweat

The Nduranz Electrolyte Mix contains all electrolytes we lose in our sweat.

Sodium chloride

Sodium chloride (a compound of two minerals, sodium and chloride) aka salt is an extremely important compound that regulates hydration, muscle contraction, and blood pressure. It also assists nervous communication and nutrient absorption and transport.

While everyone agrees that sodium chloride is vital to our health, its recommended daily intake is widely disputed. Supposedly, 200 mg is all our body needs, but many studies have shown that intakes between 4,000 to 5,000 mg are most beneficial to our long-term health.

The Nduranz Electrolyte Mix in 100 grams of Nrgy Unit Drink or Regen contains 1,400 mg of salt (Nrgy Unit Gel contains less salt), which allows athletes exercising at high intensities and in conditions of heat stress as well as anyone losing a lot of body fluid to replenish their levels of sodium and chloride.


Potassium is another important mineral that regulates hydration, muscle movement, and nervous communication. It can reduce blood pressure, protect against strokes, reduce water retention, and prevent certain diseases.

The recommend daily intake of potassium is ca. 2,000 mg, and the quantity found in 100 grams of our Nduranz Electrolyte Mix is 520 mg, matching the average quantity lost in sweat.


We all know calcium is essential to the health of our teeth and bones, but this electrolyte also helps our heart, muscles, and nerves. Main calcium storage site are bones and it has been suggested that failure to replace calcium lost in sweat can result in bone mass loss - something that we definitely want to avoid. 

The recommended daily intake of calcium is 800 mg or more, and the quantity found in 100 grams of our Nduranz Electrolyte Mix is 100 mg, matching the average quantity lost in sweat.


Magnesium is an absolutely essential mineral for the functioning of the human body and is involved in pretty much every important process, from muscles and energy to creation of protein. It has countless benefits and lack of magnesium leads to numerous negative symptoms.

But as wonderful as magnesium is, it is also often overused in sports drinks because it supposedly prevents muscle cramps. There is absolutely no evidence that magnesium prevents muscle cramping, hence Nduranz Electrolyte Mix does not contain lots of this mineral. Had more magnesium been added to the mix, there would have been an increased chance of gastrointestinal problems. This would be due to the fact that too high a concentration of electrolytes can cause water to accumulate in the intestines and cause diarrhea. And nobody wants that.

The recommended daily intake is ca. 375 mg, and very little magnesium is lost in sweat, therefore our products contain only a small amount of magnesium: 100 grams of Nduranz Electrolyte Mix contain only 6 mg of magnesium.

The myth about muscle cramps

Many people believe magnesium prevents muscle cramps, but many studies demonstrate that magnesium has little to no effect in preventing muscle cramps (one comprehensive literature review on the topic can be found here).

While scientists are still debating on what is causing muscle cramps, it looks as over-exertion coupled with dehydration and electrolyte imbalance due to sweat losses are the main factors. 

It is true that more studies are required to definitely conclude that carbohydrates help reduce the incidence of muscle cramps, but muscle cramps are a common side effect of low carb diets, and low glycogen stores have often been linked to muscle cramps. And this is not surprising given that carbohydrates are highly used when going hard - too hard.

Since full glycogen stores have numerous other benefits for our well-being and athletic performance, it seems reasonable to preserve and replenish them as efficiently as possible.

Sports drink as it should be

We crafted our sports drink Nrgy Unit Drink and our energy gel Nrgy Unit Gel to replace only the minerals we actually lose in our sweat during exercise in order to preserve as much as possible the careful balance of the electrolytes in our bodies.

But to fuel properly during intense exercise, an athlete does not only need the correct combination of electrolytes but also the right amount and combination of carbohydrates.

Our sports drinks and energy gels contain the Nduranz Electrolyte Mix and the Nduranz Carbohydrate Ratio to provide you the best fueling possible.

 Nrgy Unit Drink

All the electrolytes and carbohydrates required for optimal fueling during exercise

Proper diet

Keep in mind that sports drinks and energy gels are used to fuel during exercise to maintain proper hydration and preserve electrolyte balance, and recovery drinks are used after exercise to rehydrate and restore electrolyte balance. To maintain a proper electrolyte balance in your body at all times, you should first resort to a proper diet and only then consider additional mineral supplements.


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