It makes sense to use a fuel that provides the high amount of energy you need, optimally hydrates your body, and doesn't cause digestive issues.

Our goal is to provide the most efficient fuel to high-performance endurance athletes. We are not followers of trends, we set our own trends. Innovation with a no bullshit mentality is what sets us apart from the crowd. Our fueling products are the result of scientific research, our own extensive testing, and the feedback of top-level endurance athletes.

What can you expect from our fuel?

  • Maximum energy availability
  • Optimal hydration
  • No digestive issues
  • Fuel dosing system
  • Mix and match
  • Only evidence based
  • Safe ingredients
  • Extensive testing

Maximize Energy Availability

Our fuel is designed for high-level endurance athletes who need to ingest 90 grams or more of carbohydrates per hour. 

An extremely high energy intake requires an extremely efficient fuel.

Nduranz Carbohydrate Ratio (1:0.8 ratio of maltodextrin and fructose) is the optimal combination of carbohydrates that allows maximum absorption of energy.

Optimal Hydration

Our electrolyte mix is carefully crafted to replace only the minerals you actually lose in your sweat.

Ingesting a wrong mix of minerals may severely impair your system, especially during intense exercise.

Nduranz Electrolyte Mix contains the optimal combination of minerals. Above all, no excess magnesium and lots of salt, which is the mineral you lose most of during exercise.

No Digestive Issues

The perfect fuel is the one that optimally feeds your body without causing digestive issues.

A wrong combination of carbohydrates and minerals will lead to digestive issues, one of the most common problems all endurance athletes face.

Nduranz Carbohydrate Ratio and Nduranz Electrolyte Mix are both designed to prevent digestive issues as much as possible.

Nduranz Carbohydrate Ratio uses both carbohydrate transporters in your body (glucose and fructose), which increases absorption and decreases chance of digestive issues.

Nduranz Electrolyte Mix does not contain excess magnesium, which is a common cause of digestive issues during intense exercise.

Fuel Dosing System (Nrgy Unit)

Even the perfect fuel may backfire if your dosing is not on point.

Take too little fuel, and you will run out of energy. Take too much fuel, and digestive issues are almost inevitable.

Nrgy Unit System is designed to enable simple and efficient dosing of your energy intake. This way you can maximize energy availability and minimize chance of digestive issues.

For more information, consult our Fueling Guide or use our Fueling Calculator.

Mix and Match

Fuel comes in different forms, such as gels, drinks, and bars. 

Combining different products with different carbohydrate sources and ratios may have catastrophic consequences for your athletic performance.

All our fueling products are based on the same carbohydrate ratio, which means you can freely mix and match them without worrying about ingesting the wrong type of carbohydrate.

All our fueling products also use the Nrgy Unit System. This means you can easily monitor your energy intake and sustain your highest athletic performance. 

Only Evidence Based

You don't have to take our word for it.

A brand can promise you anything, but is it actually true?

All our products are based on the discoveries of the leading scientists in the world of sports nutrition. Below each of our products, you can find evidence how and why it works.

Safe Ingredients

Our products are safe to use.

What good is a product if it gets you banned from competition?

All our products are free of WADA-prohibited substances.






Extensive testing - Prototypes

It's all about testing.

Science is not based on fancy ideas. It is based on thorough testing.

All our new products go through a prototype phase. This means they are still being tested. By who? By the only testers who truly matter, the endurance athletes around the world.


Download our 37-page e-book and get a tangible training system with a nutrition system anyone can follow. It will show you step-by-step actions you need to take to bring your performance to the next level. Train smarter.

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